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Bouken Dig Dig 2 Collaboration

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Bouken Dig Dig 2 (冒険ディグディグ2?) is an adventure mining RPG released by Cool Factory for iOS and Android in Japan in 2017. It is a sequel to Bouken Dig Dig. In 2017 X and Zero appeared in the game as event characters available from September 25 to October 24.[1][2]


Bouken Dig Dig 2 X XLG
Bouken Dig Dig 2 X Blade Armor X (Blade Armor)LG
Bouken Dig Dig 2 X Ultimate Armor X (Ultimate Armor)LG
Bouken Dig Dig 2 Zero ZeroSSR+
Bouken Dig Dig 2 Zero Saber Zero (Z-Saber)SSR+
Bouken Dig Dig 2 Black Zero Black ZeroLG



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