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The boss character contest (ボスキャラ募集 bosu kyara boshuu?, roughly "boss character application") is a contest held by Capcom where fans send ideas for boss characters to appear in the game.

Contests and characters

  • Mega Man 2: The eight Robot Masters. This is the first boss characters contest, which had 8370 entries. Also, 10 participants received a "staff only" blouson, 100 received a Rockman 2 Original Music tape, and 500 received seals.[1]
  • Mega Man 3: The eight Robot Masters. Had 50,000 entries. Some runner up entries received a pencil case and ID card as prize.[2]
  • Mega Man 4: The eight Robot Masters. The winners from this game's contest received a golden Rockman 4 cartridge.[3] Everyone that participated received the booklet Rockman Character Collection.  Had 70,000 entries.
  • Mega Man 5: The eight Robot Masters.  Had 130,000 entries.
  • Mega Man 6: The eight Robot Masters. The only contest from the original series with non-Japanese winners.  Had 200,000 entries. One of the non-Japanese winners, Daniel Vallée, recalled that, besides his winning entry of Knight Man, he had submitted enough Robot Master designs to fill eight whole games, with names including Wave Man and Samurai Man (the former of whom had coincidentally had a shared name with an unrelated Robot Master in Mega Man 5).[4]
  • Mega Man 7: The eight Robot Masters. Had 220,000 entries.
  • Mega Man 8: Sword Man, Clown Man, Search Man, Frost Man, Grenade Man and Aqua Man. For this contest a template was given for three of them: one boss character with a sword, one with extendible arms, and one with two heads. Besides the six winners, some submissions are displayed in the game's credits and the Sega Saturn's Bonus Mode.[5] Had 110,000 entries.

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