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Blizzack Staggroff (ブリザック・スタグロフ Burizakku Sutagurofu) is a Mutos Reploid from the Mega Man Zero series based on a stag (male) deer and is a member of Fairy Leviathan's Deep Sea Squadron. He is the boss of the "Find Hidden Base" mission in Mega Man Zero. He is resurrected by Dr. Weil in Mega Man Zero 3 as "Blizzack Staggroff R", and leads an army to attack the Resistance Base from the northern tundra.

In the first game, Zero needs to rescue some captured Reploids from the Resistance. After freeing all the captives, Zero battles Blizzack in the elevator to the shuttle bay. Defeating him earns Zero the Ice Chip. Fighting him at A or S rank causes him to fire his Blizzard Arrows in his freezing blasts.

In Mega Man Zero 3, he has similar tactics from the first game, but he still buckles under the power of the Flame Chip.


Nickname: 絶対零度鹿王 (Zettai Reidou Shika-Ou, Absolute Zero Deer King)
EX skill: Double Blizzard (ダブルブリザード): Blizzack uses his turbine arms attack, but instead of conjuring snow that impairs Zero's jumps, he conjures four icicles that attempt to impale Zero.

Mega Man Zero 3:
Area: Frontline Ice Base
Mission: Engage Neo Arcadia Army
EX skill: Blizzard Arrow

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Mega Man Zero

Mega Man Zero 3

Other media

Blizzack appears in the Rockman Zero manga, where he attacks a village, but is defeated by Zero.


  • Staggroff is called a elk in his Secret Disk data from Mega Man Zero 3.
  • The suffix "-off" is often used in Russian names; here it obviously ties the cold in Russia to Blizzack's manipulation of frost.
  • Blizzack Staggroff may be based on the white stag present on several mythologies, most notably Csodaszarvas, which is depicted as being hard to find. Staggroff was hidden in an underground base located in a cave under a desert.