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Blazin' Flizard (ブレイジン・フリザード Bureijin Furizādo) is one of the bosses in Mega Man Zero 3, based on the Frill-necked Lizard. He administrates a geothermal plant and is one of the Eight Gentle Judges Dr. Weil brainwashed as one of Weil's Numbers, placing a reflective mirror shield around his neck and a probe in his tail. Flizard has a bad relationship with Childre Inarabitta. He was destroyed by Zero when Zero destroyed the Aegis Volcano Base.

One of Dr. Weil's attacks in Mega Man Zero 4 summons an image of Flizard and the other Weil Numbers, using his flamethrower attack. He also appears as a hidden boss in Area N of Mega Man ZX if a Mega Man Zero 3 cartridge is in the Nintendo DS.


Flizard attacks with a flamethrower, three small spheres that set fire in the floor, and throwing his "collar" as a boomerang. By destroying his tail, he will be unable to use one of his attacks. If the player has S or A rank, he will shoot fire from his head in several directions. Defeating him will give Zero the Fire Body chip, and if the player is at A or S Rank, the Burst Shot ability, which is a variant of Flizard's three sphere attack.


Nickname: Mandala Fire Crush Dragon (Mandala Kasairyuu, 曼荼羅火砕竜)
EX Skill: フィアスプリンクラー (Fear Sprinkler)
Blazin' Flizard jumps to the center of the room and fires a spray of fireblasts with his spinning frill in a set pattern.

Mission: Neo Arcadia Army Recon
Zero's EX Skill: Burst Shot

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