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Bunby Heli (ブンビーヘリ Bunbī Heri?), localized as Blader in some English sources, is a flying reconnaissance robot equipped with video eyes. The Bunby Helis that appear in the games were modified for combat, and will follow and fly into their targets repeatedly. In the first Mega Man game, they come in green and blue; and in some games red.

In the first game, they appear in Cut Man's stage, Guts Man's stage, and in the second stage from Dr. Wily's Robot Manufacturing Plant. In Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, they appear in Ice Man's stage and Fire Man's stage. In Mega Man: The Wily Wars, they are in the stages of Buster Rod G, Mega Water S and Hyper Storm H. Bunby Helis also appear in the second episode from Super Adventure Rockman, with the ability to fire rockets.

Varieties of Bunby Heli

Bunby Tank and Bunby Top

Bunby Tank (ブンビータンク Bunbī Tanku?) is a Bunby Heli in Mega Man 7 with a robotic body with tank treads and two cannons that aren't used in-game. When the body is destroyed, the Bunby Top (ブンビートップ?) head will separate from the body and follow Mega Man like a Bunby Heli, but slower. They appear in the opening stage, Burst Man's stage, Cloud Man's stage, and Junk Man's stage.

Bunby Tank DX and Bunby Top DX

Bunby Tank DX (ブンビータンクDX Bunbītanku DX?) and Bunby Top DX (ブンビートップDX Bunbītoppu DX?) are deluxe versions of the Bunby Tank and Bunby Top that appear in Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass. They are similar to the originals, but Bunby Tank DX is now able to fire missiles.

In Mega Man 8, they appear in the stages of Clown Man, Frost Man, and Search Man, plus the first section of Wily Tower. In Mega Man & Bass, they are present in the stages of Astro Man, Burner Man, and Dynamo Man.

Bunby Catcher

Bunby Catcher (ブンビーキャッチャー Bunbī Kyacchā?) is an enemy from Mega Man 9 that fall from the top of the screen to catch the player, and will pull them in one direction if it manages to do so. In certain areas, especially in Galaxy Man's stage and the third Wily Castle stage, they can be very dangerous, due to these areas featuring spikes, which the Bunby Catchers can use to slam the player into, killing them instantly if they do not have the Shock Guard. If in the grasp of a Bunby Catcher, Mega Man can destroy them and break free by using Jewel Satellite, Tornado Blow, or Hornet Chaser.

Other media


Blader from Captain N: The Game Master.

Bunby Heli and its variants have short appearances in Captain N: The Game Master, the Mega Man comic series, Mega Man Megamix, and the Rockman manga.



  • A Bunby Heli appears in a scene in Mega Man 10 holding a screen. The game also has unused sprites of a Bunby Catcher with a purple color scheme.[1]

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