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Black Hole Bomb
Mega Man using Black Hole Bomb.
MM9-BlackHoleBomb-Sprite MM9-BlackHoleBomb-P-Sprite
Not to be confused with Black Hole.

Black Hole Bomb (ブラックホールボム Burakku Hōru Bomu?) is the Special Weapon Mega Man and Proto Man get from Galaxy Man in Mega Man 9. It creates a black hole that pulls nearby enemies and enemy projectiles to it. It can also be controlled by the user via the d-pad and opened (detonate) up by pressing the fire button again. The Black Hole Bomb is Jewel Man's weakness, dealing five units of damage and also sucking in his Jewel Satellite. The Black Hole remains on screen for quite some time, which is most useful against Jewel Man, as positioning it just right will cause him to get hit by it multiple times with a single shot.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 9.

MM9-BlackHoleBomb-Icon Black Hole Bomb
Boss Damage
Concrete Man 1
Tornado Man 1
Splash Woman 1
Plug Man 1
Jewel Man 5
Hornet Man 1
Magma Man 1
Galaxy Man 1
Spike Shooters --
Mega Mech Shark: 1st Phase 2
Mega Mech Shark: 2nd Phase 2
Mega Mech Shark: 3rd Phase 2
Twin Devil 6
Wily Machine No. 9: 1st Phase --
Wily Machine No. 9: 2nd Phase 1
Wily Capsule 2
Fake Man 1
  • For "Spike Shooters" and Wily Machine No. 9's first phase, both bosses do not have data for them because they must be damaged with their own weapon or obstacle -- the Black Hole Bomb cannot inflict damage to them directly.

Attack power

The weapon deals four units of damage (excluding weaknesses and immunities) to large enemies that cannot be sucked into the black hole. Those who are sucked into the black hole are defeated instantly.


It takes four weapon energy units per Black Hole Bomb. Mega Man can fire up to seven Black Hole Bombs with a full weapon energy gauge.


  • Black Hole Bomb can absorb almost any small or medium-sized enemy, regardless of if they're invulnerable to the Mega Buster or have their shields on. Enemies too large to be sucked in will take damage instead.
  • The bomb can be used to destroy minions summoned by bosses, limiting distractions created by Splash Woman and Hornet Man.
  • It sucks in almost any projectile, including the ones shot by many bosses like the Wily Machine and Wily Capsule.


Since only one Black Hole Bomb can be on the screen at once, and bosses have a temporary immunity after being damaged, it's possible to cancel the current Black Hole Bomb deployed and disable the boss's immunity by accessing the "Start" menu. This will allow the player to defeat certain bosses much faster, such as Jewel Man and the Twin Devil.

Other appearances

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Mega Man uses the Black Hole Bomb to initiate his Final Smash, Mega Legends (ロックマンスペシャル, Rockman Special in Japan). After the black hole sucks in his opponents, X, Mega Man Volnutt, MegaMan.EXE and Star Force Mega Man join Mega Man and all five attack the targets in unison with a powerful beam from their Mega Busters.


  • Black Hole Bomb is the only Special Weapon to date that has three words in its name as opposed to the standard two. This is most likely to avoid confusion with the other attack called Black Hole.
  • Although the name implies that it does, the Black Hole Bomb does not cause an explosion. However, the name could refer to the detonation of the initial small orb, which then generates the vortex.

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