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BillyAce (ビリーエース BirīĒsu?, Japanese, German and Italian name), known as ZapAce in English, AsZap in French and BorrÁs in Spanish, is an EM Virus from Mega Man Star Force.

BillyAce Family

  • BillyAce
  • BillyKing (ビリーキング?), also known as ZapKing, RoiZap and BorRey, is a stronger BillyAce.
  • BillyJoker (ビリージョーカー?), also known as ZapJoker, JokerZap and BorJota, is a stronger BillyKing.
  • BillyAceG
  • BillyKingG
  • BillyJokerG

Other media

BillyAces appear in the Mega Man Star Force anime series.

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