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Beetron (ビートロン) is a giant beetle Mechaniloid enemy that appears in Flame Stag's volcanic stage in Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme. It is composed of a platform where X can safely step on, damaging wings and a long snout cutter. Through this specific enemy X is able to access different stage areas.

If Mega Man X is in the same Y axis as a Beetron, it will dash into him spinning his cutter. If it rams into certain fragile sections of the rocky cliff, it will explode, opening up new passageways. In addition, while X lands on its platform, it will raise him very high so he can access new areas.

It is weak to Magnet Mine, Spin Wheel and Silk Shot. However, it is not recommended to recklessly destroy them since they are useful to reach different locations.