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The Mega Man Battle Network universe is the second universe in Mega Man franchise, that is an alternate reality from the Classic Mega Man Universe and has completely different gameplay. This universe included Mega Man Battle Network series and Mega Man Star Force series.


MegaMan Battle Network series

Takes place in 200X, in a world where most people have a NetNavi and a PET (PErsonal Terminal). Humans use the humanoid NetNavis housed in their PETs for general use as Operaters (NetOps), although some work with their Navis in a sport called Netbattling, where a NetOp uses Battle Chips to give their Navis special abilities to fight with, such as giving a sword or bomb. The series is centered around young Lan Hikari and his Navi, MegaMan.EXE, who both love to netbattle, and their adventures in the world, such as participating in a tournament (third and fourth games), or stopping a Net-criminal organizations like World Three, Gospel and Nebula.

Star Force Series Plot Summary

MegaMan Star Force takes place 200 years after the MegaMan Battle Network series.

The Net was replaced (although some Navis can still be found, according to the first game of the series), and no one uses a PET anymore (in the game, there is a reference to the PETs - in the first game within the junk yard, there are a bunch of discarded devices, and when looked it will say a popular device that was used by almost everyone, although now useless). The Net is replaced by the EM technology, which created the Wave Road, which exists in the real world, but impossible for humans to see (unless using a Visualizer). Among the Wave Road, there are EM Viruses that are deleted by the Satella Police using Battle Cards(in which a later game can be deleted by anyone using the Star Carrier or Hunter-VG), or other EM beings, usually Mega Man. The Wave Road appears to be connected throughout entire Earth, and even extends to space. The Wave Road exists as well in other planets, such as Planet FM and the former Planet AM.

The series centers around Geo Stelar, a 12 year old boy who lost his dad in a space accident, and the fugitive AM-ian, Omega-Xis, who can change Geo's frequency in a way called EM Wave Change, fighting villains such as other FM-ians and other antagonists, such as Le Mu and Dealers.


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Below is a temporary outline of items that need to be written about. Eventually this will be formatted nicely with a quick introduction to each entry. Please add any terms that you think need to be defined, even if there's nothing to write about it yet.

  • Cyber Network
  • NetOp - NetOp is the term given to users of NetNavi's
  • PET - PET's are the devices used by NetOp's and functions like a PDA but with the added effect of NetNavi's
  • NetNavi - NetNavi's short for Network Navigators are AI beings in the cyberworld that act as help and sometimes friends to the Operator.
  • Virus
  • NetBattling - NetBattling is the term used for when NetNavi's battle each other in either friendly matches or tournaments.
  • Characters
  • NetNavis
  • Viruses
  • Battle Chip - Battle Chips are computer chip like items which are used with NetNavi's for virus deleting or NetBattling. When used the NetNavi gains a weapon, e.g. the Sword battle chip grants the NetNavi a sword.
  • Dark Chip - Dark Chips are like Battle Chip's but use the power of darkness, they grant great power but at the cost of the Navi being lost to darkness.
  • Full Synchro - Full Synchro is a state when both NetOp and NetNavi are acting in completely synchronization usually resulting in better fighting capabilities.
  • Double Soul - Double Soul is a skill Megaman owns that allows him to achieve forms similar to friends, he achieves these bonds through helping close friends.
  • Style Change - Style Change is an ability Megaman used to own that allowed him to take on different elemental forms.
  • Cross Fusion - Cross Fusion is from the anime and allows the Operator to when in a Dimensional Area fuse with their NetNavi, the down-side is that this puts the NetOp in danger who can't be repaired like a NetNavi.
  • Locations
  • Organizations
  • Net Agents
  • Program Advance
  • Darkloid

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