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The selection screen for the Battle Chip GP.

The Battle Chip GP (バトルチップGP?) is a tournament featured in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. Participants are almost every NetNavi and NetOp in the first three games from the Mega Man Battle Network series. Newly introduced characters are Mary Towa and her NetNavi Ring.EXE, and Kai Todoroki and his NetNavi TurboMan.EXE. This tournament pits contestants against each other in a unique format. The participants use Program Decks to fight each other. The Program Deck allows NetNavis to use Battle Chips on their own, but the deck chooses the chips for them at random. The tournament can be played through by either Mary, Kai, Lan, Dex, Mayl or Chaud.


The player must use their Program Deck to defeat various opponents on different types of battlefields. The program deck allows NetNavis use Battle Chips chosen at random. There are two slot in chips that the NetOp can use at any time in the battle. Navi Chips serve a different purpose in this game than in the other Battle Network games. Instead of summoning the Navi, they become the controllable character. These Navi Chips are received by defeating various Navis. NetNavis also have their own special attack that they can perform after using up their Battle Chips. The player can also attack and destroy their opponents Battle Chips to prevent them from using it.

The player must fight a number of consecutive NetBattles. There are several tournaments for different ranked NetNavis. If all battles are won, then the player advances to a higher rank. When the participant advances to the highest rank and defeats everyone else, they win the tournament.


The Battle Chip GP was organized by the Official NetBattlers as a way to lure out Bass.EXE. Bass wants to fight only the strongest NetNavis and the winner of the Battle Chip GP would appeal to him as one of the strongest. After a winner has been declared publicly, the matches continue secretly until Bass shows up.

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