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Batabattan (バタバッタン Batabattan?) is a grasshopper-like enemy from Mega Man 6. While they bear a slight resemblance to the Battan in Mega Man 4, unlike Battan they actually attack Mega Man. Batabattan might be difficult to hit with uncharged shots, due to their movement pattern and size.


Onbuubattan (オンブーバッタン Onbūbattan?) is an upgraded version of the Batabattan. Onbuubattan has a smaller version of itself on its back, which jumps off if the larger one is struck or hits a barrier. In Mega Man 8 they appear in Search Man and Astro Man's stages. The Tengu Blade destroys Onbuubattan in one hit if fired in close proximity to it.


  • "Batta" is Japanese for grasshopper.
  • "Onbu" means "carry something on one's back" in Japanese.

Similar enemies

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