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The Bal Kacche (バルカッチェ Barukatche) is a moth-like Reaverbot that appears in Mega Man Legends 2. They are found in the Saul Kada Ruins, Digger's Tests and on Elysium. In Saul Kada ruins, some start out as a caterpillar which will breathe fire when Mega Man Volnutt stays too close, and when Mega Man defeats them, the moth flies out of the explosion. Its attacks as a moth include spraying MegaMan with a yellow powder that can paralyze him (which can be rendered ineffective with the Light Barrier), and when Mega Man is paralyzed, it attacks with a swooping glide.


  • Its name and colors are based on Berg Katse (ベルク・カッツェ Beruku Kattse, "Bergkatze", German for "mountain cat"), a character from the anime Gatchaman. [1]