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The Baby Elves are clones of the Dark Elf introduced in Mega Man Zero 2. These special Cyber-elves were created by Dr. Weil during the Elf Wars.


The only Baby Elves featured in the series are Crea and Prea, who appear to be smaller versions of the Dark Elf herself. Visually, they have spherical bodies that vaguely resemble newborn infants, enveloped in a round casing with a similar pattern seen in Dr. Weil himself.

Baby Elves appear to be able to control or influence Reploids, which was a major factor in the calamity of the Elf Wars. However, they are certainly not defenseless on their own, as Crea and Prea were able to fight Zero by themselves with several energy based attacks. They appear to be even more powerful than regular Cyber-elves, perhaps due to their nature as Dark Elf copies. Upon studying the Baby Elves, Ciel found the potential for a new energy source that would solve Neo Arcadia's energy crisis.

Despite their power, Baby Elves live up to their name; they are very much like human babies in looks and mentality. Crea and Prea could not even speak before Alouette started to talk to them on a regular basis. This indicates that Baby Elves are not inherently evil, but can be easily manipulated and tricked into doing evil deeds.


Elf Wars

One century prior to the Mega Man Zero series, the Baby Elves were created by Dr. Weil and used along with the Dark Elf to make Reploids turn Maverick and battle each other in a grand scale.[1] This marked the Elf Wars, a conflict named for the large use of Cyber-elves. In four years of conflict, the Baby Elves were largely responsible for the massive casualties of the war, along with Omega. In the end, Omega and Dr. Weil were exiled separately while the evil Cyber-elves were thought to be deleted.

Mega Man Zero Series

Main article: Crea and Prea

It is revealed in Mega Man Zero 2 that two Baby Elves were secured by Neo Arcadia. One was stolen by Elpizo and given to the Resistance while the other was recovered by Zero from the Forest of Dysis.

The two Baby Elves are named by Crea and Prea by Alouette[2] and become the focus of Ciel's research for new energy until the failure of Operation Righteous Strike, which tempts Elpizo to flee with both Baby Elves. Driven by their desire to reunite with their mother, the Baby Elves run amok on their search for the Dark Elf even after Elpizo's defeat.

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