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Aztec Falcon
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Aztec Falcon, known as Aztefalcon (アステファルコン Asutefarukon?) in Japan, is a character from the Mega Man Zero series. Aztec Falcon is a Mutos Reploid based on a falcon, and is a member of Sage Harpuia's Strong Air Battalion.

In Mega Man Zero, he is the boss of the second mission. He was sent by Harpuia to the Disposal Center to dispose of the "Mavericks" there, and thought that Zero was one of them. Zero was on a mission to save the captured Reploids, and defeat Aztec Falcon.

Despite his apparent destruction, Aztec Falcon also appeared in the beginning of Mega Man Zero 2 as a transport for Harpuia and in Harpuia's mini-game in Mega Man Zero 3.


His arms are two big lightning rods, from which he shoots lightning arrows and, at A or S rank, he electrifies the floor with his EX skill. He can also open his arm, which then acts as a magnet and drags Zero towards him. This boss also has a time limit to defeat him before the captive Reploids are killed by the compressor.

Defeating Aztec Falcon in Mega Man Zero earns Zero the Thunder Chip.

Mega Man Zero Complete Works Bio


A Mutos Reploid under Harpuia's command. Aztec Falcon acts as warden and executioner to all Reploids accused of being Mavericks. Under Copy X's harsh laws governing Reploids in the wake of the energy crisis, there are no known cases of a Reploid being judged innocent and released once they have been arrested.


Nickname: 稲光る極鳥 ("Lightning Gokuchō" - roughly "Lightning at Ultrahigh Frequency")
EX skill: Lightning Fall (ライトニングフォール): Aztec Falcon falls to the center of the room and electrifies the floor.

Mission enemies

Other media

Rockman Zero manga

In the manga, Aztec Falcon is sent by Harpuia to fight against Zero so Harpuia could analyze Zero and plan a strategy before he fights him. Aztec was killed by Zero, and Harpuia didn't care. This version of Aztec Falcon is cowardly and comical, and has a mouth.



Zero Vs. Aztec Falcon
Rockman Zero ロックマンゼロ - Part 2 Aztec Falcon アステファルコン03:43

Rockman Zero ロックマンゼロ - Part 2 Aztec Falcon アステファルコン



Aztec Falcon in Mega Man ZX.

  • Aztec Falcon has a cameo appearance in Mega Man ZX as one of the mounts in the carousel ride of Area H.
  • Aztec Falcon is the only Mutos Reploid who Zero fights only once throughout the entire series.
  • While it is impossible to own an Elemental Chip prior fighting him, using a cheating device reveals that he is weak against ice.

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