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AyanoTech building

AyanoTech, known as Gabgom (ガブゴン Gabugon?, a play of Capcom) in Japan, is a gaming company owned by Yai Ayanokoji's family in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series.

Known products

AyanoTech Inner

Inside the AyanoTech building

  • Maxima no Yūsha (roughly "Hero of Maxima") - An RPG that uses VR system. It is released during MegaMan NT Warrior episode 7.
  • NetMobiles - NetNavi vehicles introduced in MegaMan NT Warrior episode 47.
  • Strawberry Princess (ストロベリープリンセス?) - An RPG shown in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess episode 14. The game was developed by Yai and the main character resembles her. Some of her friends have cameo appearances as enemies.
  • Radical Projector - A prototype display able to create solid holograms that can be touched by humans and NetNavis. Yai shows it to her friends in Rockman.EXE Beast episode 5 and misuses it, causing the machine to malfunction and create monstruous holograms that break part of the AyanoTech building and causes a blackout in a large area from DenTech City. The high damage cost is deducted from Yai's allowance.

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