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Atsu and Ty, known as Atsuho (アツホ) and Taichi (タイチ) in Japan, are Shuko Kido's young twin brothers. They can be told apart by the different color details on their clothes, Atsu being green and Ty red. After their parents death, Shuko pays for their tuition in a school.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Atsu and Ty go to the stadium to watch Shuko's NetBattle, and they say they got a job and money to buy a new washing machine for her. AquaMan misunderstood their conversation and thought Shuko was going to replace him for a new NetNavi, which makes him sad and flood the Net with his crying. Atsu asks Lan Hikari to help them find AquaMan, giving him a Cyber Canister (CybCanst). MegaMan explains the misunderstanding, calming AquaMan and returning the Net to normal. After the match, Shuko, Atsu and Ty go out to buy the washing machine.

Anime History

Atsu and Ty appear with their sister in episode 16 of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess.