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Area A

Area A (Forest) is a location from Mega Man ZX where Vent/Aile and Girouette would deliver a package with Biometal Model X to the Guardians, but they where attacked by Mavericks and got separated. Vent/Aile found three Guardians (one of them Prairie) and saved them from the Mechaniloid Giga Aspis by Mega-Merging with Model X. The soundtrack for this area is called Green Grass Gradation.



  • It is believed that the Floating Ruins from Mega Man ZX Advent and Area A are the same location.
    • However, it is also possible that it is in fact the Forest of Dysis from Mega Man Zero 2, as the remains of Hyleg Ourobockle can be seen just before fighting the Giga Aspis.
      • However, this also implies that the Forst of Dysis, Area A and the Floating Ruins are all the same place.

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