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Ape Stone (エイプストン Eipusuton) is an ape head-shaped, stone covered Mechaniloid from Mega Man X7. They appear in Soldier Stonekong's Deep Forest stage and the Crimson Palace.

Ape Stones come in three varieties and some are mostly harmless. One type only sits in the path, while others move up and down. But, some Ape Stones can attack by spitting rocks from their mouth; these are the only ones that can be destroyed by attacking them while their mouth is open. All varieties of Ape Stone can act as platforms.

At the end of the Deep Forest stage, the player must face eight rapidly spinning Ape Stones in the boss arena before confronting Stonekong himself.

Other varieties

Cyber Stone

Cyber Stone (サイバストン Saibasuton) is a digital variety of Ape Stone that appear in Snipe Anteator's Cyber Field stage. They attack by rising up from the sides of platforms and spitting a volley of "stones" at the player. However, unlike the Ape Stone they are based on, Cyber Stones are indestructible.

Ape Sting

Ape Sting (エイプスティング Eipusutingu) is a variety of Ape Stone that appear in the 2D perspective areas in the later half of Crimson Palace. They have two spikes on their backs and are indestructible. Ape Stings don't actively attack the player, but unlike Ape Stones they are damaging to the touch. Ape Stings just simply hover above the ground and travel from side to side acting as blockades, leaving only a narrow space to dash or roll underneath to get by.



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