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Aluce and Cedar
Aluce (right) and Cedar (left)

Aluce (アルス Arusu?) and Cedar (シーダ Shīda?) are two minor characters seen at the start of Mega Man X7. Aluce is a short, stocky Reploid that wears a coat and hat, and Cedar has long hair and wears a long black jacket. They were planning an unknown illegal scheme (involving the Sigma Virus Mk. II) before being attacked by Red Alert. Cedar goes to investigate the sound of an explosion, only to be killed. Aluce, hearing the gun shot, retreats further into the building, and when he reaches a safe room, notes that someone must have leaked their plans to authorities. He is then reunited with Cedar, and the two make their escape. Walking down a hallway, Aluce ponders who leaked their plans, only to be shot by Cedar. Aluce asks if Cedar is the traitor, but he morphs revealing himself to be Axl. Aluce dies shocked at Axl's copying abilities.



  • Aluce has a cigar in the Japanese version of the game, which was removed in the North American and European versions.

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