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Alia as seen in Mega Man X8.

List of quotes for Alia.

Mega Man X5

Intro Stage

  • This is Hunter Base. Can you hear me, X? Sigma appeared suddenly and moved toward the statue which is under construction. We lost his trail and haven't picked up any readings since... I've lost contact with Zero, too. Where would he go? You can reach the statue by going straight in that direction. Stay alert! Several machines, even some deserted taxis, have become Mavericks in the area. Be careful.
  • This is Hunter Base. Can you hear me, Zero? Sigma appeared suddenly and moved toward the statue which is under construction. X is already en Route. Follow and regroup with him as soon as possible! You can reach the statue by going straight in that direction. Stay alert! Several machines, even some deserted taxis, have become Mavericks in the area. Be careful.
  • What a terrible sight... The highway's been badly damaged... We've got to find Sigma before he destroys anything else, or we'll be in very serious trouble.
  • This building is seriously damaged. The walls could collapse at any second, so try not to get trapped by falling rocks... You can take advantage of the lay of the terrain.
  • Can you see a red rope ahead of you? Jump and grab the rope carefully!
  • You've finally reached the Statue. I lost the traces of Sigma and Zero somewhere above you. But remember: The guard system of the construction site is malfunctioning as a result of the Sigma Virus. Kick the guard walls quickly and climb them!
  • You've finally reached the Statue. I lost the traces of Sigma above you. I also lost contact with X... I've got a bad feeling, Zero... Something is going on above you... Climb up and find out what's up. But remember: The guard system of the construction site is malfunctioning as a result of the Sigma Virus. Kick the guard walls quickly and climb them!
  • Th...s...Hunter...ase... This is Hunter Base. Do you read me? Are you all right? Any damage? (After defeating Sigma and Virus spreads.)
  • We have no choice... For the sake of the world, we must destroy the Colony! ... But the only weapon we have in the Hunter Base that still works is... ... The Enigma... And it's very old. We also have a space shuttle. But, it's been affected by the Virus, and the Auto-Pilot function doesn't work... So we need someone to fly it to the Colony and let it collide... It's almost certain death, but we have no other choice.

Grizzly Slash's Stage

  • Destroy the Maverick trucks! Then you'll be able to reach the security warehouse.
  • To be honest, you don't need to come to this area... But, you may find something useful... Destroy the Maverick trucks! (If you don't need parts for the Enigma.)
  • The blue core you can see below is the weak point. If you destroy it, the truck will begin to explode. But you'd better jump to the next truck before this one blows! Then head to the end of the line.
  • This truck has already begun to explode! Hurry and move to the next one!
  • Is this the secret warehouse? I can't tell... but there ARE strong energy readings... We're getting even stronger energy readings from deep inside! It must be him! Stay on guard!
  • Grizzly Slash had a C-BALL! This should greatly increase the striking ability of the Enigma. I'll ask another Hunter to do the recovery operations so you can return to the Hunter Base.
  • We've found the C-Ball that GRIZZLY had. We don't need it anymore, but we'll still take it back to the base. I'll ask another Hunter to fetch it. Please return to the Hunter Base. (If the Enigma has already been fired.)

Dynamo's first appearance (after clearing one stage)

  • Incoming message from... ...sources unknown.

Duff McWhalen's Stage

  • Wow! It looks like the giant ship "U-555" is coming right at you! I don't believe it. It belonged to a marine museum. What an incredible influence the Sigma Virus has! But, so be it... To secure the sea, we have no choice but to fight against the "U-555". Be careful not to get stuck on the complicated terrain.
  • We don't need to secure the ocean anymore. This area is under the fin of the huge ship, the U-555. But, if you want to go here, I won't stop you. (If you don't need parts for the Enigma.)
  • What is this place... Are you in an old sunken ship? The "U-555" is trying to escape. It went deep in this direction. Follow it!
  • We can produce HYDROGEN from this ocean. If only the Hunter Base worked... then we wouldn't have to take water from the ocean... Now please return to Hunter Base... You have another mission to complete.
  • Peace has been restored to the ocean, at least temporarily. But the "U-555" will start moving again someday... unfortunately... The ocean is so terribly polluted... Now please return to the Hunter Base. (If the Enigma has already been fired.)

Squid Adler's Stage

  • Hello? Are you all right? You couldn't walk here because the terrain is too badly damaged. Even the Ride Chaser nearly didn't make it. By the way, did you notice that there are energy items along the way? Those energy items and the door in front of you seem to be corresponding... If you have the items, shoot them at the door. Then the door may be opened.
  • You did it! The door has been broken! I wonder what is inside... Proceed with care... (If you collected all of the energy.)
  • ......... No response... Still... It seems you came close to destroying it... Maybe you only need a few more energy items... (If you didn't collect all of the energy.)
  • A lab scientist is in custody. Save them and let them escape. There might be some cartridges in this laboratory that still work... We want to obtain one, don't we.
  • The lock system of the shutter is broken. If you attack the lock system, it will give power to it. You can possibly open the shutter this way. However... Since the lock system is almost broken, the circuit will soon break again. Please keep aware of the amount of time you will have to open the shutter.
  • There are two kinds of lock systems. The color of the shutter and the lock system correspond to each other.
  • You got around so many traps. Thanks to you, we now have a precious ENERGY CART. SQUID used to be a Hunter, but had become a Maverick. It must have been hard for you even though it was your mission... Let's restore the peace for him...
  • You got around so many traps. Thanks to you, we got an ENERGY CART. But we have finished with the Enigma now so we don't need the ENERGY CART anymore. Squid used to be a Hunter but had become a Maverick... It must have been hard for you even though it was your mission... Let's restore the peace for him... (If the Enigma has already been fired.)

Izzy Glow's Stage

  • We can learn lots about Dr. Izzy Glow just from looking at this laboratory... He is the world leading authority on laser technology. Therefore, the laser he created will be great use to the Enigma. I hope he will willingly give one to us, but... ...I heard he is a very stubborn person so this might not be easy.
  • Dr. Izzy Glow's laboratory... You have no reason to be here since we don't need the Enigma anymore. (If the Enigma has already been fired.)
  • The platforms can't be destroyed, so you will have to time it just right to go through...
  • You should proceed by stepping on the platforms.
  • Break the door that you can see below, and proceed to the next room.
  • The defense system is engaged. It attacks you with powerful plasma. If you have some kind of weapon, you may be able to neutralize it.
  • Dr. Izzy Glow's room is above you. There are several plasma defense devices installed on the way to the room. Use a weapon that can attack upward!
  • It looked like a quiet laboratory... but the inside was in complete ruins. The Sigma Virus has caused total disorder everywhere... In order to fix the situation... we need to make good use of Dr. IZZY GLOW's LASER DEVICE. We've finished taking the LASER DEVICE back to the base. Thank you for your help. We'll meet you at the Hunter Base.
  • We wasted Dr. IZZY GLOW's research... Although we got the LASER DEVICE, We don't need it anymore. Thank you for your work, anyway. We'll meet you at the Hunter Base. (If the Enigma has already been fired.)

Enigma Cannon Succeeds

  • The energy, the power, the angle... everything is clear.
  • We have succeeded. The colony has been destroyed. Although scraps from the colony will fall to the Earth, they shouldn't cause severe damages. We barely avoided total destruction... The damage is significant... I wonder when things will be restored.
  • No way...What is this reaction?
  • I spotted the Virus reaction. And it's a new one... The readings are like that of Zero... I mean... a Zero Virus? It's like Zero, and seems to have very strong power... The Virus of the colony and that of the Earth have been mixed... and have produced a new Virus... ...The Zero Virus...
  • ...This is exactly the same reading... ...Should we call this the Zero Virus? The scraps of the Colony Virus and the Sigma Virus combined together...? ...I wonder what's going to happen...

Enigma Cannon Fails

  • Negative! We destroyed only 62%! We have merely made it change orbit... and delayed the time of impact...
  • The shuttle will approach and fly into the colony... The pilots will eject at the last minute. It's very dangerous because they could get sucked into the blast. In the end, I fear that this will fail just like the Enigma. We need to gather as many devices as we can to strengthen the shuttle's power. But the auto-pilot function doesn't work...

Dark Dizzy's Stage

  • At first glance, it may seem to be an ordinary planetarium. But in truth, it is also a space laboratory... Why don't you borrow a fuel tank for the space shuttles? But before you do that, there is something strange about the planetarium... So, the Sigma Virus has already polluted this facility, too... Your visit to the planetarium will be very interesting, I guess.
  • At first sight, it may seem to be a plain planetarium. But... in truth, it is also a space laboratory... But, the facility is very different from what it used to be... You can't find the device for the Enigma here... As long as you understand that, do as you please. (If the Enigma hasn't been fired.)
  • At first sight, it may seem to be a plain planetarium. But... in truth, it is also a space laboratory... The Fuel Tank for the Shuttle is here, but we don't need it anymore... Your activities are up to you, but... if you don't feel it's worth while, then you should move on. (If you don't need the Shuttle parts.)
  • I'm picking up a Maverick reading at the constellation. Watch out!!
  • I guess you need to get on the lift... It is unstable, but there is no other way.
  • Watch out for the track! It isn't moving on the right course! If you sense any danger, jump to the nearest place as soon as possible!
  • This is the gravity reverse device! It can control gravity, and turn it upside down. Of course, you may be able to take advantage of it.
  • With regard to DARK DIZZY... He was a Maverick created three years ago by Sigma... But you have destroyed him... Since Sigma scattered a large amount of the Virus, he doesn't have any energy left to reproduce himself... By the way, we've found a FUEL TANK. Now the Shuttle will be able to fly to the space colony... Please return to the Hunter Base quickly.
  • With regard to Dark Dizzy... Sigma created him as a Maverick three years ago. I wonder what Sigma was up to... Did you find anything underground? ... A FUEL TANK? All right. I will dispatch a team to pick it up. You return to the Hunter Base. (If you don't need the Shuttle parts.)

The Skiver's Stage

  • You can get the Orbiter Wing from the Reploid Air Forces. But... I can't believe the Sigma Virus could've gotten to the Reploid Air Forces...
  • The Reploid Air Forces has also been infected by the virus... It's too dangerous, and is not worth the risk. You should leave the area as soon as possible. Wait! I'm picking up something on the sensor... There are survivors. Rescue them and help them escape! (If the Enigma hasn't been fired.)
  • I can't believe the Reploid Air Force has been influenced by the Sigma Virus. You don't actually need to come here. But there seem to be survivors in this area. Save them and help them escape! (If you don't need the Shuttle parts.)
  • Darn. Someone has set the bombs! They are small, but do not underestimate their fire power... Destroy them before they detonate!
  • There are bombs above you. Climb up and destroy them!
  • There are more bombs ahead of you! Dispose of them as soon as possible!
  • I didn't expect to have to fight against the Reploid Air Force again. But since most of the Reploid Force members have become Mavericks... I guess that was inevitable. Fortunately, the devices for the Shuttle were not damaged... but the Air Force was not so lucky... It won't be safe there anymore. Come back to the Hunter Base.
  • I didn't expect to have to fight against the Reploid Force again. Most of the Force members have become Mavericks... It was inevitable, I guess... Did you find anything useful? A device for the Shuttle... Anything is better than nothing. It won't be safe there anymore. Come back to Hunter Base. (If you don't need the Shuttle parts.)

Mattrex's Stage

  • There's a rocket Booster Engine in this lava area. Watch out for the lava and proceed with care. If you touch the lava, you'll be instantly vaporized!
  • This is the lava area... The lava control system has been influenced by the Virus and is malfunctioning... It is very dangerous... If you still want to go there, I won't stop you. But don't waste precious time staying there too long! (If the Enigma hasn't been fired.)
  • This is the dangerous lava area. You do not need to go to this area anymore. But if you wish to, I won't stop you. But remember, time is precious! (If you don't need the Shuttle parts.)
  • Wait! There's a lot of lava below us. But, we have no choice but to proceed this way. The lava comes at fixed intervals, be mindful of the timing and proceed.
  • Watch below you! It's too hot! Wait until the lava has gone, then go down.
  • Go before the next lava comes! Quick!
  • Hmm... Can you see the rock over there? The temperature is lower then the other side of the rock. If you take advantage of the rock you may be able to avoid the lava. Wait behind the rock when the lava comes, then proceed with care.
  • Destroy the door in front of you. Then you'll be able to proceed to another area.
  • Well... This area is kind of like the sea of lava. The Probe Ride Armor could probably endure the heat of the lava. Our path divides... You can go this way, or you can take the other way below... If you go down, you'll have to go through the lava area. If you go this way, you'll be free from lava but... You can't proceed with the Ride Armor because a huge rock blocks the way. Which way will you choose? The decision is yours...
  • It seems you can break the rock in front of you. Destroy it so you can move on!
  • We've found the BOOSTER ENGINE. Now the striking power of the Shuttle will be increased. There seems to be some more useful weapons lying here. But I don't think you have time to investigate. Evacuate before you get sucked into the lava!
  • We're relieved to know that the damage caused by the Virus is minimal. Also, we've found several weapons... Among other things, I'm sure the BOOSTER ENGINE will be useful later on... I wonder if there is any connection between the Virus and the damage to this area...? But you have little time to investigate. Evacuate before you get sucked into the lava. (If you don't need the Shuttle parts.)

Axle the Red's Stage

  • The secret Reploid Forces facility that is hidden deep in the jungle has become infested with Mavericks. I bet that if you go a little deeper into the jungle from there, you'll find the Orbiter Engine.
  • The secret Reploid Forces facility hidden deep in the jungle... I don't know why you want to come to this area, but I'll navigate for you. You may find something useful... (If the Enigma hasn't been fired.)
  • The Secret Reploid Air Forces facility hidden in the jungle... It's the core of the Jungle which has been taken over by Mavericks. Perhaps things wouldn't have been so bad had we come here earlier... I don't know why you want to come to this area, but I'll navigate for you. You may still find something worth while, anyway. (If you don't need the Shuttle parts.)
  • You can grab the vines with your Wire Hook... Use the vines to climb up!
  • Climb down there... But watch out for that big hole below you.
  • The Sigma Virus even destroys nature... There is nothing in nature now which is completely free from mechanical devices. We've found the BOOSTER. It's out in the jungle... Another Hunter will be there soon to pick it up. Your mission is complete. Return to the Base.
  • The Sigma Virus destroys even nature... Nothing in nature is completely free from mechanical devices anymore... Oh, it seems that a Hunter unit has arrived there. They reported to me that they've found the ENGINE. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for the ENIGMA... We have no time to lose... Return to the Base immediately. (If you don't need the Shuttle parts.)

Results Screen after clearing a stage

  • You got the DNA data from the boss you have just defeated! From this DNA data, the special weapon has become yours! Equip the weapons using the L1, R1 button. Every enemy has a weak point. Find the most effective weapon for each enemy. Plus, if you defeat a high level boss, you may be able to create not only a weapon, but other items as well. In that case, please select which item you wish to create.

Shuttle Operation Succeeds

  • It's about time... Zero...
  • Zero, the colony is approaching... Go!
  • 7 seconds to impact. 5...4...3...2... ... it crashed into the Colony! ...... Destruction of the Colony is... ... 86%! It will be gone within 10 minutes! ... We've succeeded in destroying the Colony! ...Zero? Can you read me?
  • We've got a response from Zero!
  • We'll get you from wherever you fall... Until then, try to get some rest. It won't be easy, though...
  • Wait! What is this reading? ...This is exactly the same reading... ...Should we call this the Zero Virus? The scraps of the Colony Virus and the Sigma Virus combined together...? ...I wonder what's going to happen...

Shuttle Operation Fails (Zero becomes Maverick)

  • The Shuttle crashed into the Colony!
  • The destruction rate is...54%... The Colony won't be destroyed... Our mission has failed... Zero! Do you read me?
  • The speed of the Colony is increasing! It's too dangerous to stay here any longer. We better get away!
  • I'm here...Signas... I barely hear you...
  • The Earth... avoided the worst situation... I don't have any other information...
  • There is no reading on them...but... They're...alive... I believe... (Concerning X and Zero.)
  • ......... The reading of the Sigma Virus has also disappeared... I don't know why... ...but I think it's lucky... ...Wait! Wh-what is this reading?!
  • It's an incredibly strong energy... ...Ze... Zero? Are you Zero?
  • I got a reading that looked like Zero...
  • Zero, Zero is...

If all 16 hours are allowed to run out (Zero becomes Maverick)

  • Estimated 31 minutes until the collision. Ground zero is 5646 points in E block. Tidal waves and earthquakes are already breaking out in various places! We have to evacuate immediately!
  • X and Zero are missing...
  • I can't tell exactly because the signal is being jammed... I'm sure the results are devastating... (After impact.)
  • I've caught some readings, but they're very weak... I'm not sure if they are alive or not... But the data reading of the Sigma Virus has gone... ............ Wait!! What's that?!

Both Enigma and Shuttle Operations Succeed

  • A new virus...? Out of the frying pan into the fire... For the moment, we've named it the Zero Virus... I'm reading a strong energy reaction from point 11F5646! We may be able to solve the mystery of the Zero Virus... But it's very risky... What should we do? I know we can't escape... so we'll just have to fight it! Go for it! We must bring this to an end once and for all!

Both Enigma and Shuttle Operations Fail

  • I'm reading a strong energy reaction from point 11F5646! What's happening now?! It's too dangerous! NO! Don't go!

Stage Select (when final stage becomes available)

  • I'm getting a stronger energy reaction from point 11F5646! The energy is too strong to get an accurate data sample. I must be reading Sigma... I can't think of anyone but Sigma! Sigma is behind all of this... I won't stop you from going to fight anymore...I leave everything in your hands...

X's ending (Zero normal)

  • A large Maverick has broken out in HORIE 2146 block! Go into action immediately!

X's ending (Zero Maverick)

  • It's not a miracle, I bet...
  • I'm not interested in miracles... I don't think Reploids dream of miracles, either...
  • Besides, there's a protection, now. He won't even accept data related to Zero... I couldn't program such a protection... We've got another mystery about X...

Mega Man X6


Intro Stage

  • ...x...X! A giant Maverick is acting up! Wake up! I'll send the detailed info later. You rush to the scene!
  • Most of the Mechaniloids became Mavericks... It's been a long time... Stay alert, X!
  • Since I fixed the Falcon Armor very quickly, the dash function is incomplete.
  • OK. Go to the entrance of the ruins ahead!
  • If the buster fails, use the Z Saber.
  • Z... Zero!?
  • Wait, X. Let him finish his story.
  • It can't be helped now. Actually we saw the Nightmare too. Shaped as Zero. So, we need to investigate what the Nightmare is. For now, leave Isoc and High Max alone.
  • ...No. Due to a strong jamming. I can't look into it from here.
  • I've just obtained the report on the Nightmare areas and the investigators sent to the areas. However, the details of the situations in the areas are still unknown, due to bad radar transmission. Also, in case any changes occur in the Nightmare area, I'll show you by a red signal. It is difficult to predict what the changes are, though...
  • Ummm... X...
  • Ummm... Nothing... Just be careful...

Commander Yammark's Stage

  • This is the Amazon Area. I can't understand the situation there from the Hunter Base. I wonder if the Nightmare caused this jamming.
  • It appears to be a transport Mechaniloid. It has a loading space on its back.
  • It must be the Nightmare! Stay alert!
  • There are many Reploids everywhere who need help. You should search all over for them.
  • The transport Mechaniloid can stand on the spiny trap. You can use it, X. Try to ride on it!
  • The transport Mechaniloid can stand on the spiny trap. You can use it. Try to ride on! (Playing as Zero.)
  • I got a strong data signal. It should be from an investigator. The investigator here is Commander Yammark. To be on the safe side, be sure to set up the weapon. (Playing as X.)
  • The investigator here is Commander Yammark. Be ready for battle just in case... (Playing as Zero.)
  • You got the Yammar Option! Dragonflies help you on offense and defense. Commander Yammark. An ex-investigator in the Amazon area. He was a Reploid created for the nature preservation project. He burnt the forest by control disorder. He wasn't accused of the incident. But... Someone altered Yammark's flying system... He crashed and died. He was created by... my colleague... Gate.

Ground Scaravich's Stage

  • You are now in the Central Museum. Its appearance has completely changed. (Playing as X.)
  • You are in the Central Museum, or should I say "in the building that used to be the Museum..." The place has completely changed its appearances. (Playing as Zero.)
  • Let's move on. (Playing as X.)
  • OK, let's go! (Playing as Zero.)
  • I can't detect any sign of a totem pole... It must be the work of the Nightmare! Be careful!
  • It's been a long mission X. You must be tired. The investigator sent to this area is Ground Scaravich. Stay alert!
  • It's been a long mission. You must be tired. The investigator sent to this area is Ground Scaravich. Stay alert! (Playing as Zero.)
  • You got Ground Dash! Crush certain types of of rocks with this. You got the Sentsuizan! Press Attack + Down buttons in the air. Ground Scaravich. An ex-treasure hunter. He was devoted to the research on an ancient site. He also had lots of research data on ancient robots. Gate took care of Scaravich in exchange for the ancient data. Gate improved his knowledge from him. Then Gate had him go to a forbidden area. It was the place you were both discovered. I saw Scaravich enter the place... I felt bad, but I disposed him. Gate didn't seem to care... I didn't want to remember this...

Blaze Heatnix's Stage

  • This is the Magma Area. A dangerous area to investigate is the Hot Spot that spews magmas.
  • Although I can't confirm it due to the jamming, it must be the Nightmare. I have never heard of magmas that were that color. Stay alert! (Playing as X.)
  • Although I can't confirm it due to the jamming, it must be the Nightmare. (Playing as Zero.)
  • Mechaniloid? There is no data signal. (Playing as X.)
  • Mechaniloid? There is no data signal. It must be the Nightmare. (Playing as Zero.)
  • If I remember right, it is Hot Spot! But I can't confirm temperature changes from the Hunter Base.
  • Zero! It is the Hot Spot! Watch out!
  • It is also a Hot Spot! Watch out! (Playing as X.)
  • It's another Hot Spot! Stay alert! (Playing as Zero.)
  • The investigator for this area is Blaze Heatnix. Prepare yourself, just in case. (Playing as X.)
  • The investigator for this area is Blaze Heatnix. Find out its weak point, just in case. (Playing as Zero.)
  • You got Magma Blade! Fires a wide-range blade from Saber. You got Shoenzan! Press Attack button while holding Up! Blaze Heatnix. An ex-investigator for the Hot Spot. His ability is far beyond the others. He could research any dangerous area. All others who fell behind were killed... Gate, who created Heatnix, improved his powers and strengths. In order to prevent any more victims, Heatnix was disposed deep underground.

Blizzard Wolfang's Stage

  • This is the North Pole area. How is the situation over there? (Playing as X.)
  • This is the North Pole Area. Do you feel cold? Are you all right? (Playing as Zero.)
  • A High Jump Part will be of help. (Playing as X.)
  • A High Jump Part may be of help. (Playing as Zero.)
  • It's hard due to the slippery surfaces. Utilize the evacuation spot wisely as you go through the area.
  • The land is corrupted and there are many holes everywhere. If you are about to slip and fall, jump directly above! If you try to turn back, you will slip. You had better stop by jumping.
  • Although we can't see the Nightmare of the ice from the Hunter Base, I wonder if there is a way I can take advantage of this situation?
  • The investigator in this area is Blizzard Wolfang. Set up your weapons in case you need to fight... ......... X... Actually I...
  • No. Be careful! Er, Wolfang was...
  • No, nothing... Good luck, X.
  • The investigator in this area is Blizzard Wolfang. Set up your weapons in case you fight... ......... Zero, actually I...
  • Zero! Do you know? Wolfang was...
  • Yeah, right... Good luck, Zero.
  • You got the Ice Burst! Fires ice blocks you can step on. You got Hydroga! Press Jump button while holding Up! Blizzard Wolfang. An ex-investigator of the North Pole area. One day, his team members were attacked by Mavericks. Although Wolfang was able to defeat the Mavericks, his team members were annihilated... Researchers who oppose Gate schemed to dispose of Wolfang and took advantage of the incident... They made it look like an accident, Wolfang was thrown into the cold sea... ... I did it! But I was deceived into doing it...

Rainy Turtloid's Stage

  • You are in Inami Temple. It's an important cultural asset.
  • Don't think about that now, just concentrate on the Nightmares... (Playing as X.)
  • ... We'd better save the Reploids... I'm counting on you, Zero.
  • It is cloudy in that area, but I can't detect any rain there. It has to be the work of the Nightmare! What's your condition? (Playing as X.)
  • I don't pick up any sign of rain in that area. It must be the Nightmare phenomenon... Stay alert! (Playing as Zero.)
  • I can't guarantee your safety, but it's better to use them if they are helpful... But I'm worried about the rain... Is there any way to stop the Nightmare rain?
  • Watch out for the damage caused by the Nightmare rain! Be careful. (Playing as X.)
  • Watch out for the damage caused by the Nightmare rain! Destroy those cores! (Playing as Zero.)
  • It has stopped raining, but you still have to...
  • A low passage... It's too narrow to walk into, but maybe there's another way... (Playing as X.)
  • A low passage... It's too narrow to walk into, but maybe there's another way... Maybe X can handle it because his body is a little smaller than yours. (Playing as Zero.)
  • The investigator sent to this area is Rainy Turtloid. There are many dangers already present here, so stay alert!
  • You got the Meteor Rain! Fires the Meteor Rain upward. You got the Ensuizan! Press Weapon + Down buttons. Rainy Turtloid. Ex-investigator of the water-purity improvement team. He had tortoiseshell shield to counter the strong acid rain. Thanks to him, we can explore areas that have a pollution level A. But his high defense ability was regarded as too dangerous. Requests to weaken Turtloid ran high. Gate opposed this and was punished. Turtloid was so loyal to Gate... In the end, he died to save Gate.

Metal Shark Player's Stage

  • This is the Recycle Laboratory. Parts of disposed Mavericks are recycled here. All operations should be stopped now. How are things going?
  • It must be the work of the Nightmare. There is no signal. Be careful not to get caught in the compressor.
  • You should be fine, but be careful.
  • X! Piles of junk narrows the path. You will be gone if you get squished by the compressor.
  • Zero! Piles of junk narrows the path. You will be gone if you get squished by the compressor.
  • The Nightmare should be doing this, but I can't see any changes here. We don't know what will happen. Stay alert!
  • Wait! You can't jump across a spiny area. What can we do?
  • The investigator here is Metal Shark Player. Stay on guard!
  • You got the Metal Anchor! A bounding weapon used on the ground. You got the Rakukojin! Press Attack + Down buttons in the air. Metal Shark Player. An ex-investigator of Recycle team. He studied recycling in order to create a new Reploid from Parts of disposed Mavericks. His most important work was to analyze and control DNA data of the Mavericks. His analysis ability was so great, that he succeeded in resurrecting dead Mavericks. Since DNA resurrection is explicitly prohibited, the law instantly dealt with him. Gate was also interested in DNA resurrection, so he encouraged him to collect the DNA data instead of stopping him. Metal Shark would have continued if Gate had stopped him.

Shield Sheldon's Stage

  • You are in the Laser Institute. It's one of the most mysterious places in the world. Umm... Since this institute does not officially exist, we don't have much data on it.
  • I've never encountered this kind of situation, but maybe you can use your weapons.
  • I've never encountered this kind of situation, but that's the only logical explanation.
  • I've witnessed an experiment of the device that inflect the laser before. In that experiment, you could turn the devices. I'm not sure if those devices are same ones though, because they are not visible from here. But one thing I'm sure is that they are Nightmare phenomena.
  • Turning the light reflectors to make the laser change directions... It's like a puzzle game.
  • The investigator sent to this area is Shield Sheldon. Make sure to get your wea...
  • You got the Guard Shell! Shields enemy's shot for a counterattack. Shield Sheldon. Ex-security police. He guarded Dr. Jim who was an important person in the laboratory. Suddenly, Dr. Jim became a Maverick. However, he was unable to control himself. The Maverick Hunters identified Sheldon as a Maverick just because he was created by Gate. Sheldon could not deal with being labeled, so he ended it all.

Infinity Mijinion's Stage

  • You are in the Weapon Center... They have been constructing powerful weapons without the appropriate approvals. A huge Reploid... I assume it's Illumina. Considering that I couldn't pick up any reading of it's activation, it must be a Nightmare. There has to be cables which are sending energy to Illumina! Find and destroy them! Good luck!!
  • The investigator sent to this area is Infinity Mijinion. Stay sharp because he may have very powerful weapons!
  • You got the Ray Arrow! Hurt enemies on the same screen. Infinity Mijinion. Ex-test pilot for large weapons. He had a special body that could process at a high speed. He ignored the test program, choosing instead to go on his on schedule. He produced excellent results... But he always had trouble with the other staff. Even Gate was unable to control him... One day, he was disposed of by making it look like an accident...

Defeating High Max as Zero

  • It's some kind of force field. It seems to take time to release it. Can you move if it isn't released?
  • Aw? The force field... It seems to have a timing device. It might be released in due course. But it's strange... Why did he try so hard to trap Zero? What was his intention?

Contacted by Gate after defeating all 8 investigators (playing as Zero)

  • Do you still hold grudges? Don't you realize what's going on? In the worst case scenario, you might die as well.
  • Stop quarreling! The Earth needs us now. Gate, I believe you should know better.

Before entering Gate's Laboratory

  • We've located his secret laboratory!! Let's stop the Nightmares now!!

Gate's Laboratory

  • The secret laboratory of Gate exists in a place like this? Let's move in!
  • Our radar condition seems to be very bad, and I can't get the clear vision. Can you find anything?
  • Right... We are having much noise within our transmission even now. Just be careful, X.
  • I assume the laboratory is below this. I think we lose transmission once you enter it... Just be careful. (Playing as Zero.)

Greeted by Gate (After defeating Nightmare Mother)

  • No. Your talent was far beyond mine. I just diligently did as I was told. And you didn't. That was the only difference. (Only when playing as X.)

After Defeating Gate

  • ... X. Can you hear me? I found out... That's Isoc's body. It just broke down. Is he dead? ... This is similar to the Erasure Incident...
  • Zero, what is it?

X's ending (with Zero found)

  • Are you two okay? Oh... is it Gate?
  • No. Thank you, X. I'll do my best.
  • I'll try to develop a program resistant to corruption and all viruses. ... Gate and I both longed for this.

X's ending (without Zero found)

  • X... Why did you bring Gate?
  • I see. ... Gate may not recover but... I believe he can sense your feelings. I'd like to thank you for Gate. X.
  • By the way, X, you dreamt about Zero, didn't you? Was that from the Nightmare?
  • X... well. That's right.
  • Eh? I... I felt it too... I felt Zero there.
  • No, there's no sign. Are you all right? You'd better rest.
  • Let's build a real utopia... together...

Mega Man X7

After Intro Stage: Maverick Hunter Headquarters

  • Unidentified transmission. Feeding to monitor.
  • They're already on the move. Mavericks are showing up across the map! I'll check for damage.

Stage Select

  • "Deep Forest"- We're detecting energy from deep within the lost woods! Find it!
  • "Air Forces"- A mysterious ship has been spotted 5 miles in the air! Destroy it now!
  • "Cyber Field"- A virus has escaped through a crack in the electrosphere! Destroy it!
  • "Central Circuit"- Use the Ride Chaser to find and destroy the time bomb in the circuit!
  • "Lava Factory"- The lava energy factory suffered an attack. Recapture it from the enemy!
  • "Tunnel Base"- The Special Defense base has been taken! Use the Ride and retake it!
  • "Radio Tower"- Take back the central radio tower!
  • "Battleship"- A menacing fortress that commands the seas. Destroy it to halt its advance!
  • Red Alert has selected these 8 stages as the locations for the duel. Select an area with the directional button, and press the X button to go! Use the R1 button for Rescue File, L1 button for Options.
  • You can view a list of Reploids rescued for each stage. Select an area with UP/DOWN on the directional button. Press L1 button to return to the Stage Select screen. (Viewing the Rescue File for the first time.)
  • Use UP/DOWN on the directional button to scroll, and select with the X button. Use R1 button to return to the Stage Select screen. (Viewing the Options Screen for the first time.)
  • Choose your team! I want you to work in teams of 2 from now on. To stay with your current team, select OK and push the X button! To disband your team and form a new one, use the directional button to select something other than "OK". (Selecting a stage for the first time.)
  • To form a team, highlight the main character with the directional button and select with the X button.
  • Next, choose a sub-character, highlight OK, and select with the X button.
  • Now you can play with X equipped with Glide Armor! Good luck! (All armor parts collected.)

Deep Forest: Soldier Stonekong

  • We're getting a DNA Core reading. It seems to be emanating from Ruinsman.
  • There are spikes just below you! You'll take too much damage from them, unless you are Ruinsman."

Radio Tower: Tornado Tonion

  • Be careful! We're getting strong energy readings! You're very close: you should be able to see it! I'll look for the giant Mechaniloid's weak point! You find a good approach point!"
  • Analysis complete! His head is his weak point! Concentrate firepower there!
  • Head for the top of that tower! We're getting an even stronger reading than the last one!
  • You'll need to use Bounding. What a pain. When he stops, his barrier blocks all attacks. As soon as he moves, attack!

Battleship: Splash Warfly

  • The old battleship is their headquarters: looks like they move in a convoy.
  • It's like carpet-bombing - you can't dodge that! If only you had the power of a Runnerbomb...
  • The Runnerbombs are destroying the battleship?! They intend to take you with them!!

Lava Factory: Flame Hyenard

  • This Factory refines energy from lava. Watch out! You'll melt if you touch that molten rock!
  • There's a time bomb next to the target! You must complete the rescue before the bomb explodes!
  • We have a reading for the DNA Core! It's coming from that winged Reploid!
  • There should be a transporter that warps to the factory core. Darn! The heat is blocking our search.

Central Circuit: Ride Boarski

  • Oh no! A time-bomb has been set on the course! You know how to use a Ride Chaser, right? Use the X button to speed up, and the Square button to use the Buster. There's no time! Hurry!"

Cyber Field: Snipe Anteator

  • What a strange place... Terrib...r Transmissions,...oo... Our data...n't tell us much... You're on your own...
  • We've located the DNA Core energy... Former generation...samurai...Axl... Go through the wall..."
  • "...I've info! Looks like you've been transported to a zero gravity...ronment... The floating switches...can send ... to the rear area...

Air Force: Wind Crowrang

  • Do you copy? This is a dangerous mission. Walk along the jets to reach the mothership. They'll have to ease up on attacks to avoid hitting their friends. Don't worry, I know you can do it!
  • Let's see... a path into the heart of the mother ship... Got it! Go through the shutters between the two cannons. But first you'll have to beat the cannons and the gate keepers to break the lock.

Tunnel Base: Vanishing Gungaroo

  • Looks like an underground weapons factory. Ride Armor is available in certain locations. If you find open Ride Armor, jump to get inside. Use the L2 button to eject in emergencies!
  • We're picking up a strong energy source below you. You don't want to fall down there without Ride Armor protection. Be careful!
  • We're picking up lots of Ride Armor. You'll just have to face them head-on! There's no other way in!

Get Weapon Screen

  • Creates a frontal shield that deflects enemy attacks. (GAEA SHIELD (X & Axl))
  • Counter enemies with a slash attack when they touch your saber! (GOKUMONKEN (Zero))
  • This weapon unleashes an electric tornado. Can use RAY GUN. (VOLT TORNADO (Axl))
  • This jumping lightning saber attack will strike enemies above you! (RAIJINSHOU (Zero))
  • Unleashes an electric tornado great for reaching enemies in high places! (VOLT TORNADO (X))
  • This weapon emits a water laser. Fire consecutive shots to increase range. (SPLASH LASER (X & Axl))
  • Equip the water blade-armed D-GLAIVE to launch a pulsating thrust attack! (SUIRETSUSEN (Zero))
  • Creates a ring of fire at release point. Can use DOUBLE BULLETS! (CIRCLE BLAZE (Axl))
  • This weapon creates an immense circle of flame by hitting the ground with energy. (BAKUENJIN (Zero))
  • Creates a ring of fire at release point. Scorch a group of enemies with one shot! (CIRCLE BLAZE (X))
  • Ejects a surface-roving disc perfect for sweeping up ground enemies! (MOVING WHEEL (X & Axl))
  • Your saber releases a ring of light that runs along the ground! (ZANKOURIN (Zero))
  • This weapon launches an advanced homing missile. (SNIPER MISSILE (X & Axl))
  • Launch a guided arrow of light from your airborne slash attack! (HIEIJIN (Zero))
  • This weapon releases a boomerang that slices through enemies that come within its trajectory. (WIND CUTTER (X & Axl))
  • Equip the rapid fire V-HANGER to launch wind boomerangs! (SOUENBU (Zero))
  • Unleash intense shockwaves with this weapon! Can use G-LAUNCHER! (EXPLOSION (Axl))
  • Shoots an intense crescent-shaped wave from your saber! (HADANGEKI (Zero))
  • Although short ranged, this weapon releases an explosive wave of energy directly in front of you! (EXPLOSION (X))

Results Screen

  • I'll explain how Hunter rank is determined, so listen carefully. Rank is determined by factors such as the number of rescued Reploids, total damage, and defeated enemies. Become a world-class hunter!
  • I'll now display rescued Reploid data. Rescues should be a high priority, as you can get Chip items!
  • When you rescue Reploids, they'll give you valuable Chip items! Use Chip items to power up abilities! But choose wisely. First, scroll to the character you wish to give the Chip to with L/R on the directional button, and select with the X button.
  • Reploids give you valuable Chip items! Use them to power up abilities.
  • Next, press UP/DOWN to select an ability to increase, and press the X button to power up!
  • This ability is already maxed out.
  • Is this ability power-up distribution okay?

With 64 Reploids Rescued (X joins)

  • The rescue of the captured Reploids is progressing smoothly, thanks to those two.
  • But it's causing a lot of damage. Is there nothing that can be done?
  • X?!
  • Now you can play with X! Glad to have him back!

All 8 Stages Clear

  • Okay, everybody. That's point RD18 - 66, the location of Red Alert's base. But why has it suddenly shown up on our radar screens? It's as if they WANTED us to find it...

Final Stage Select

  • "Palace Road"- Our intel teams won't make it! Get to the scene and eliminate the danger!
  • "Crimson Palace"- Investigate this behemoth, determine the threat level and...destroy it!

Axl's Subending

  • Outbreak in the West Sector.
  • Why don't you let him do what he wants this time?
  • X...

X's Subending

  • Last week an outbreak of Maverick Reploids caused a riot at the Energy plant. Then Axl showed up to quell the unrest. The Mavericks disappeared from the scene without a trace. Then, three days ago, when Mechaniloids on the wharf went berserk, Axl destroyed the Mechaniloids that was blocking a ship's hatch, securing an escape route for the crew. This case did cause 16 casualties, however... In addition, Axl has shown up to assist in a total of 14 incidents involving Mavericks.

Mega Man X8

Intro Stage: Noah's Park

  • I'm picking up Maverick readings near the Jakob facility! All Hunters near Point Galapagos, please dispatch immediately!
  • X... This new Maverick... It's pattern is very unusual. I'd like to do some research on it, so try to pick up plenty of samples.
  • When you need Axl's help, call him in with a Character Change.
  • You two be careful. I'll send Zero over later to give you a hand.
  • X. Axl! I've examined the data on that Maverick. Looks like it grabs its opponents and immobilizes them. If you're grabbed by the enemy, call for a Tag Assist and help is on the way!
  • I'd like to start analyzing it right away. Bring it to me as soon as you can!
  • Axl, it looks like you'll need to hover over from the edge to continue onward. To hover, press the jump button again and hold it while in mid-air.
  • Now, you two! The Attack Gauge is full! You can use the Double Attack! It's an ultra-powerful combo! Time it carefully!
  • It looks like the entrance to that building is above you. Use the Double Jump to get up there.
  • I've completed my analysis of enemies who use protective barriers! They can completely defend against normal attacks, but you can break their barriers. X's full Charge Shot does the trick, as does Zero's third hit in a combo... And Axl can break barriers with repeated concentrated shots.
  • X, Zero... Can you hear me? That Maverick's signal is getting really close now. According to my analysis, the Double Attack should work best on this Maverick. When the Attack Gauge is full, use the Double Attack!
  • Looks like there's a ledge above you. If you jump high enough, you can reach it.
  • You found a rare Metal! With it, you can make a new Chip! Be sure to stop by the lab when you get back to the Hunter Base.

Hunter Base (after Intro Stage)

  • They're after Lumine, the director of the facility. If that's the case... Then the ultimate goal must be control of the Orbital Elevator.
  • They must be up to something big... Oh!
  • I'm picking up a Maverick reading!
  • Let me introduce your new navigators...
  • I don't suppose I need to say it, but I - Alia - will also assist in navigation. Before you head into battle, be sure to choose a navigator to assist you. Of course, if you're feeling confident, you can always choose to go it solo.

Troia Base: Optic Sunflower

  • You'll have to complete training sessions for each area in order to move on. The next area may change depending on how well you've completed the previous one.
  • The training area will adjust its difficulty based on the scores you've received. The enemies that appear in this mode will also become stronger as you get better.
  • I have some important info, everyone! Unknown data has been downloaded from the outside! It's titled "CM." I wonder what it could mean?
  • I've taken a close look at the area that the target is in, but... I see evidence of the shape having been changed many times by the program in charge. The target itself likely possesses the ability to alter proportional features.

Pitch Black: Dark Mantis

  • Be careful in there! There's an advanced security system in place that will track you. The key to this mission is in skillfully evading detection.
  • There's more to that security system than just stationary cameras. Drones moving on the ground can be stopped with an attack. Give it a shot!
  • There's a passage ahead with its lighting system completely shut off. I am picking up a very faint source of light, though. You'll have to rely on that.
  • The target has the ability to move freely in the darkness without restriction. The darker it gets, the more dangerous a foe he becomes. I hope you're ready for this.

Primrose: Gravity Antonion

  • Looks like there's a gravity control system in place in this facility. You can probably open up new routes by rotating the gravitational pull.
  • There are blocks around here that are affected by the changes in gravitational pull. You should take note of the position of the blocks and predict the way they'll move. Some enemies can be destroyed by falling blocks, so be sure to use them to your advantage.
  • It appears that the gravity manipulation switches operate differently in this room. They should help you find a route to the next area if you get stuck.
  • I've detected a Maverick signal up ahead. There are no gravity switches in here. But apparently the target has the ability to alter gravity at will. Be careful when gravity is altered. You don't want to get caught up in the chaos.

Metal Valley: Earthrock Trilobyte

  • The minerals mined here are essential for space development. If you don't put down the rebellion, the Jakob Project could be in danger.
  • I'm picking up a strong signal from a large-scale Mechaniloid there! Chase it down! You have to stop it before it self destructs.
  • The Mechaniloid signal is coming from just ahead. Be careful!
  • It looks like the target up ahead is wearing some kind of special armor. The armor is made to deflect shots fired at it, but there must be some way to break it!

Dynasty: Gigabolt Man-O-War

  • Keep the target in your sights as he moves. If you attack it enough, you should be able to stop its rampage.
  • You've almost caught up to the target! Take him down before you miss your chance!

Central White: Avalanche Yeti

  • There's an emergency at the environmental research center! Who knows what could happen? Go as fast as you can, but watch out for crevasses.
  • The target is highly resistant to cold. It can move freely in snow-covered areas. Watch out for sudden movements!

Inferno: Burn Rooster

  • This plant harnesses the heat of a volcano to incinerate garbage. It's a dangerous place, but we have no choice but to put an end to the uprising.
  • From here on in, you'll be up against a battery of lasers. Your best bet is to take advantage of containers lying around to avoid taking damage.
  • The target is highly resistant to heat and has flame based weapon systems. The key to this battle will be in figuring out a way to keep the flames at bay.

Booster Forest: Bamboo Pandamonium

  • This facility was used for space research before the Orbital Elevator was built. Now, it's just full of old rockets. What could a Maverick possibly want here?
  • There are containers laying around that will explode if you get too close! They cause big damage. Get out of the way if you see signs of an imminent blast.
  • The target is a power type Reploid. It possesses incredible attack strength. Be careful not to get caught up in the close range attacks!

Hunter Base (after defeating one Maverick)

  • X!? What's the matter? The mission's only just begun.
  • Axl!

Hunter Base (after defeating 3 Mavericks)

  • Phew... That's the third one. But we still don't know what the Mavericks are up to.

Hunter Base (after defeating 4 Mavericks)

  • I've completed the analysis of the Maverick data acquired so far. What makes new generation Reploids resistant to viruses is their copy chip. The copy chip can actually change a Reploid's DNA.
  • Yes, I compared your data to the copy chips in new generation Reploids. I found something very interesting.
  • The data embedded in the copy chips closely resembles that of Sigma! I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't worry me...

Hunter Base (after defeating 5 Mavericks)

  • Whoever's behind it, they were most certainly after Lumine and the Orbital Elevator. There are some dark forces at work behind the scenes here. I'll continue my analysis.
  • I doubt it. Theoretically, there's no danger in copying others' bodies. X, you've fought Sigma bodies before, so you know how tough their design is.

Hunter Base (after defeating 7 Mavericks)

  • Phew... Looks like there's only one Maverick left. Could this be the last of them? Or is this just the beginning?
  • You're right, Axl. There's no time to be worried.

Hunter Base (after defeating all 8 Mavericks)

  • It's obvious that Sigma's involved, but things are bound to be different this time. It doesn't seem as if he's controlling these new Mavericks like puppets. They all seem to... BE him...
  • I'm... not sure. So far, all the sites attacked have been related to the Jakob Project.
  • Huh!? I'm picking up a transmission!
  • If you stop to think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Space development and the emergence of new generation Reploids aren't unrelated.
  • Sigma's transmission was disrupted by the orbit of the satellite. This is lucky! The Elevator is still functional, so we can use it to get to him!

Jakob Elevator

  • The Orbital Elevator is used to transport equipment into space. Good luck out there!
  • You'll be reaching the top shortly. Be ready for anything.


  • Make no mistake, Sigma is definitely in here somewhere. Be careful!
  • Emergency! Emergency! Return immediately to the teleportation site!

Sigma's Base Discovered

  • I'm picking up multiple Maverick signatures on the moon's surface. What is this?

Sigma Palace

  • This... Alia...... Can... hear... every......? Sigma... ...blocking ... signal...

After Final Confrontation

  • X... X... Status report!


  • Emergency at Point Galapagos! Small Mechaniloids have gone berserk! Go and get the situation under control!
  • The group of Mechaniloids running amok is composed of small crab-types. They're gathered in huge numbers! Try to get as many as you can under control!
  • Your mission this time is to destroy the debris blocking the path to the center. The debris is composed of ice walls that can be destroyed with Ride Chaser shots. (Return trip to Central White.)

Voice Quotes

Mega Man X8

  • "I'll handle it!" (Chosen as navigator.)
  • "X/Zero/Axl can you hear me?" (First ping during mission.)
  • "Can you hear me, everyone?" (If first ping is ignored.)
  • "My analysis is complete." (If first ping is ignored.)
  • "This is Alia." (If ping first is ignored.)