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Soundtrack Cover

20th Anniversary Rockman 1~6 Techno Arrange Version is a soundtrack with remixed musics from Mega Man 1 to 6, released in December 19, 2007 in Japan by TEAM Entertainment.

Track listing

  1. Stage Select mix medley (misspelled "Stage Sellect mix medley")
  2. Elecman mix
  3. Dr.Wily 1 (Rockman2) mix
  4. Quickman mix
  5. Airman mix
  6. Heatman mix
  7. Snakeman mix
  8. Magnetman mix
  9. Dr.Wily 2 (Rockman4) mix
  10. Starman mix
  11. Flameman mix
  12. Elecman (Original, Short Ver.)
  13. Dr.Wily 1 (Original, Short Ver.)
  14. Quickman (Original, Short Ver.)
  15. Airman (Original, Short Ver.)
  16. Heatman (Original, Short Ver.)
  17. Snakeman (Original, Short Ver.)
  18. Magnetman (Original, Short Ver.)
  19. Dr.Wily 2 (Original, Short Ver.)
  20. Starman (Original, Short Ver.)
  21. Flameman (Original, Short Ver.)

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